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Spend Valentine’s Day with Venom!

“Em, you home?” I call out, stashing my bag in the hallway closet. “In the bedroom!” Smirking, I head in the direction of her voice. “Just where I like you—” The other words die on my lips and a lump forms in my throat at the sight of my woman. It’s like something out of a movie, and I think of pinching myself to see if it’s real. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Liam.” Her soft voice is all the confirmation I need. “It’s about to be.” I take mechanical steps forward, sliding my tongue over my lips. Emily is lying in our bed, nothing but whip cream covering her nipples and pussy. She’s a human dessert tray and I’m having a giant sugar craving. “As soon as I lick my way through all that.” I motion to her body, adjusting my hard dick with my free hand. She giggles, beckoning me closer with a crook of her index finger. I throw my cut and shirt off on the way to her, watching her remove a chocolate-covered strawberry from a bowl I didn’t even notice. My woman is sexy as fuck but it’s extremely rare for her to do shit like this... for her to be so confident in her appeal. She bites into the strawberry, licking away the juice that drips from her lips. Fuck. Time for me to do the same. Just not with strawberries. And with a different set of lips. Leaning in, I make quick work of sucking the cream from her nipples. Her moans fill the otherwise quiet room. The berry falls from her fingers, and I swipe the bowl to the floor in a quick motion. Grabbing her thighs, I position her at the edge of the bed and kneel between them. “You did this for me, darlin’?” I trail a finger through the cream. “Yes, Liam,” she moans. “Only you.” “All mine.” I slowly lick at the whip cream until it’s all gone. Emily is impatient, writhing and groaning. “I’ll give you what you want, Em.” I press my tongue to her clit. “What we both want.” “Liam....” She slides her fingers into my hair, grasping a handful. I spread her lips, admiring her glistening pussy. My pussy. Sliding a finger inside her, I groan when she clenches around it. Holy fuck. No matter how many times I fuck this woman, I can never get enough. I add another finger, flicking my tongue against her clit. She tugs on my hair, hips rising off the bed. “Please, Liam. I need you inside me,” she begs. Standing, I strip off the rest of my clothes, stroking my dick as I stare down at Emily. Her green eyes meet mine, the raging lust inside them threatening my very manhood. Those eyes could bring gods to their knees. Without further hesitation, I wrap her legs around my hips and slide home. “Liam!” she cries out, muscles clamping down on my dick. My eyes snap shut, a bolt of lightning cracking along my spine. “Fuck, Em.” I glance down to where we’re joined, pulling back to see her juices coating my dick. “Always so wet for me.” I begin to move slowly, leaning forward to shower attention on her breasts. She whimpers, legs tightening around me and pulling me closer. Her hands roam my back, nails digging into my flesh every time I sink inside her. “Em....” “Liam....” “You’re mine.” “Yes. All yours.” “Forever.” “Always.” I move faster, my thumb rubbing circles on her clit. I need to feel her coming. I need to hear her screaming my name as her pussy spasms around my dick. “Liam....” Her breathing is ragged, fingers pinching her nipples. She’s close. I replace one of her hands with mine, twisting and tugging on her nipple. My thumb keeps pace on her clit with my dick slamming inside her. Her pussy contracts, body goes rigid. “Come, Em.” “Liam!” she screams, convulsing beneath me. My balls tighten at the feeling of her tight, wet pussy squeezing my dick. I can’t hold on anymore. Sinking deep inside her, I come with a roar, then collapse on top of her. “Fuck, Em.” I pant against her neck. “I dread the day my dick dies and I can’t fuck you anymore.” She giggles, throwing her arms around me. “Don’t worry. As long as your tongue works, I’ll be fine.” I smack her thigh for that comment before reluctantly pulling out of her. As my cum drips out of her, I smear it over her pussy, marking my territory. She moans, instantly ready for round two. “Golden pussy,” I murmur, more to myself than for her benefit. Fuck me, I still can’t believe this woman is mine. Shaking my head, I walk to the bathroom. After cleaning Em up, I hop in the shower. When I return, she’s standing by the bed wearing a lingerie set I haven’t seen before, and holding a gift-wrapped box. “What’s that?” “What? You didn’t think sex was your gift, did you?” She smirks. Smiling, I pull on a pair of boxers, then sit on the edge of the bed and take the box. My eyes wander over her as I distractedly tug at the bow and paper. The red corset conforms to her curves perfectly, her tits almost spilling out. The matching silk panties don’t cover much. I’d rather be unwrapping that package than the one on my lap. “Pay attention to the box, Liam.” “Huh?” I blink up at her in confusion. “The box.” She points to my lap. “Oh.” I finally open the damn thing, finding a box of Cuban cigars. “Fuck, yeah! Thanks, darlin’.” “You’re welcome.” I look up and she’s staring at the floor, hands behind her. “It’s okay if you didn’t get me anything. I mean—” “Em.” I stand, grasping her chin and pressing a hard kiss to her lips. “Shut up.” Retrieving my bag from the closet, I remove the box I hid in there and return to the bedroom. Her eyes light up when I enter and she hurries over to me. “That’s for me?” “Of course, darlin’.” She rips the paper off, excitedly flipping the lid of the jewelry box. I can’t help but smile. When she gasps and her eyes snap to mine, I know I made a good decision. “Liam, I love it. Thank you!” I remove the gold necklace from the box, clasping it around her neck and fingering the four-leaf clover pendant. Inside each leaflet sits a heart-shaped emerald. “Reminds me of your eyes.” “It’s beautiful.” “But pales in comparison to you, darlin’.” Taking a step closer, she lays her hands on my chest, tears clouding her eyes. “I love you, Liam. I don’t know where I’d be if you hadn’t found me.” “I love you, too, Em. In this life of sin, you’re my one saving grace. As long as I have you, there’s nothing else I could ever want or need.” I brush a tear from her cheek, dropping a gentle kiss on her lips. When we part, her breaths come out in puffs, chest heaving against mine. “Get the box... Venom.” My back straightens, all the blood in my body rushing to my dick. Emily moves to the foot of the bed, waiting for me. I grab the toy chest from the closet, tossing it on the bed before pulling the metal bars from the footboard and clicking them into place. Rattling the chains, my mind races with thoughts of the things I want to do to Emily’s body. “Ready, darlin’?” “Yes.” The word is breathy, barely audible. “Okay.” I grab the cuffs from the chest, then stand before Emily once more. “Let’s really get this Valentine’s Day started.”


I hope you enjoyed this little scene with Venom and Emily! Haven’t read their story yet? Get Renascence on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play!

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