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Rock Hard Cover
Rock Hard (A Collection of Erotic Shorts) - FREE eBOOK

8 erotic short stories including BDSM, menage (FFM & MFM), MC, and more!

Forbidden Cover
Forbidden (Death Dealers MC Book 1) - FREE eBOOK

I should stay away from Gage "Reaper" Hunter. The Death Dealers MC president is everything I don't want. That's what I have to tell myself when he's close. The more I try to distance myself from him, the stronger my attraction grows. He wants to protect me, but who's going to protect me from him?
Will I be able to resist The Reaper when he comes calling?

I want Raven Alvarez in my bed. She's smart, sexy, and sassy, infuriating and arousing me in equal measure. However, I can't have her yet. The more time I spend with her, the more I want her... the more I want... more. I'm all wrong for her, but nothing has ever felt so right.
Forbidden fruit is the sweetest, and I'm dying for a taste.

Tempted Cover
Tempted (Death Dealers MC Book 2)



Gage Hunter is a temptation no woman should have to fight. He's sexy as sin and more appealing than the apple in The Garden. I've tried resisting him, but ended up running right back into his arms every time. He says he'll wait for me, but with danger lurking around every corner, I may not make it to my birthday. Do I trust him to protect me or do I play it safe, knowing losing him would be another kind of death?

I'm not a good man.
My life is complicated, and even though being with me puts Raven in constant danger, I can't stay away from her. I will protect her at all costs. She will be mine.
This fight with temptation is one I don't mind losing.

Claimed Cover
Claimed (Death Dealers MC Book 3)


I'm damaged goods. Broken beyond repair. He'll never claim me now. Why would he still want me? Why would anyone? I'm not the girl he met, and I'll never be her again. He's all I have. What will I do when he leaves me just like everybody else has?

"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."
I'll need more than that. I promised to protect her and I failed. I wouldn't blame her if she ran fast and far from me, but I won't let that happen.
Raven is mine.
I won't lose her.
I can't.
Vengeance is mine. They'll pay for what they did to her.

Deception Cover
Deception (A Death Dealers MC Novella)


I’m happy.
For the first time in a long time, I’m truly happy. My old lady is everything I’ve ever wanted. There’s only one thing I need to make my life complete, and I know it will happen soon. After all we’ve been through, Raven and I deserve this.
Now that she’s truly mine, I’m never letting her go.

I have a secret.
Hiding it from Gage is getting increasingly difficult. Lying to him is killing me, but he’d be devastated if he finds out.
He’d leave me.
Will my deception cost me my relationship?

Rage cover
President & First Lady Of The Death Dealers MC


She was FORBIDDEN, but she TEMPTED him like no other woman, so he’ll stop at nothing ’til he’s CLAIMED her.

BOXED SET INCLUDES: Forbidden, Tempted, Claimed, Deception, Envisage, **NEW** bonus scene (eBook only), and an excerpt from the next book in the series – Dr. E’s story (eBook only)!

Seduction Cover
Seduction (Death Dealers MC Book 4)


There’s a distinct difference between the two, but what happens when you’re not one or the other, but both? Four years ago, I lost my old man and a part of myself. My son is the only thing keeping me going. 
I thought a casual relationship was the answer to my loneliness, but being the princess of the Death Dealers MC keeps the men away. As my brother’s best friend and VP, Einstein seemed to be the perfect candidate. I tried to seduce him, but he may have changed the rules of the game. Dr. Jon Emerson wants to heal a part of me that’s broken.
I only wanted to give him my body, but will he claim my heart as well?


Making love.
The two acts are worlds apart, and I’m tired of the former. Endless encounters with random women have never been fulfilling. I want more. I never thought Ellen Hunter would be the one to give it to me. Not only is she my best friend’s little sister, but the mother of a fallen brother’s child. She thinks she can fill the void in her life with meaningless sex, but I’ll be the first to tell her it’s useless.
She’s opened my eyes to what we could be together, and I won’t let her walk away. I’ll teach her that seduction is not just physical. Her body may be all she’s offering, but I want it all. 
She’ll let me in, even if I have to break down every wall she’s built around her heart.

Renascence Cover
Renascence (Death Dealers MC Book 5)


I’m going to make all your fantasies come true.

If anyone could fulfill that promise, it’s Venom, the hot biker who made it. He’s crude, crass, and has a filthy mouth, but I’m drawn to him. After everything I’ve been through, the arrangement he offers seems to be exactly what I need. What I didn’t expect is for him to be the answer to my prayers, healing me in ways I never thought possible. He awakens something in me I thought long dead. Will he ever want more, or am I fooling myself by thinking he could settle for someone like me?


I wanted Emily the moment I saw her.
All I could imagine was what I’d do to her if I got her in my bed. The more I get to know her, the more I see how deep her wounds are. She’s fragile. As much as I crave her body, bringing her into my world could break her, and not just emotionally. 
I can’t let that happen.
I won’t.
Men like me don’t get a happily ever after. Emily is better off without me, and I pray she doesn’t learn that the hard way.

Paradox Cover
Paradox (A Death Dealers MC Novella - Book 5.5)


Jon and Ellen have a beautiful life. He won her heart when all she offered was her body. With a baby on the way, they couldn't be happier.
She wears his patch, shares his home, and he couldn't love her son more than he does.
But Jon still wants more.
He wants his ring on Ellen's finger, and he intends to make it happen before their child is born.
It's time he made her his in every way.


Gage and Raven are at the happiest point in their rocky relationship. They're weeks away from the birth of their twins, and believe they have the perfect marriage.
But what if it isn't perfect?
Old conflicts surface and new ones emerge, threatening everything they value. Can they hold it together, or will they finally break under the weight of their troubles?
Is this the end of RAGE?

In the Dark.jpg
In The Dark: An Office Romance Novella



Rick McAllister is the love of my life.

If only he knew I existed.

I’d love to say that’s the extent of my issues, but he’s also my boss; the CEO of the company who has a strict policy of not dating employees. I have a similar code about dating people I work with. There’s no way I’ll jeopardize my career with an office romance, even for Rick.

Or is there?

Sparks fly when we finally cross paths. Discretion is the key to protecting our reputations, but we slipped up.

Someone knows.

Can we keep our relationship in the dark or will this stranger destroy it before it even has a chance to breathe?




I have rules for a reason.

Sleeping with my employees is off the table. That is, until I meet the sexy assistant from a few floors down. One chance encounter with Kelly Black and I’m ready to throw that rule out the window.

However, she doesn’t want to be seen as the woman who slept her way up the corporate ladder.

We must live in the shadows, but will that be enough?

She excites me in a way nothing, and no one has before. The world needs to know she’s mine. She’s the one who wants to keep us in the dark but I can’t hide her anymore.

Will our secret come to light before I can salvage her reputation?


Beyond The Cage Cover
Beyond The Cage


He hurts people for a living.
I've dedicated my life to the opposite.

Cameron "KO" Jackson is a gorgeous distraction I don't need, and can't help but want. I know I should stay away from the violent MMA fighter. However, he's nothing but gentle with me. One kiss turned my brain to mush. I'm falling deeper into his spell, and all without him uttering a single word.
He doesn't talk.
There's no rhyme or reason behind it. He acknowledges he can, he just... doesn't.
As much as I'd love to hear the sound of his voice, it doesn't matter. His actions tell me all I need to know.
Except how dangerous his world really is.
When it breaks down my door, will he be able to save me?

Beneath The Blue Moon Cover
Beneath The Blue Moon


I’m not looking for Mr. Right, not even Mr. Right Now. I have responsibilities that don’t leave room for a relationship. Still, a girl has needs. After moving to Canid and meeting the small town’s sheriff, I think he may just be the one to fulfill them. Ethan McKenzie is almost perfect. His one flaw? He wants to settle down. He’s determined to prove he’s the one for me, and when I stare into his chocolate eyes, I’m inclined to believe. However, the sheriff has secrets. Ones that could cost me my life.



Being the alpha of a wolf pack isn’t easy. Not having a mate makes it even harder, especially with trouble brewing. The moment I caught a whiff of Casey Bryan’s scent, I knew she was mine. But she’s human. A purebred—alpha or not—mating with a human is unheard of. I not only have to convince her, but the entire pack, that she’s the one. My secret puts her in danger, but I will protect her with my life. I’ve waited too long for her.

Nothing will keep me from her.

Runaway Bear.jpg
Runaway Bear (A Paranormal Shifter Novella)


She’s the one that got away.

Scratch that. She’s the one who ran away.

Callie Masters was supposed to be a one-night stand, but once I got a taste, I was fiending for more. Then she disappeared. I woke up and she was gone.

Now, she’s back.

Can I get over my anger in order to claim what’s mine, or will I end up in her rear-view mirror once again?



Zax Knight is the one.

I’ve known it since the moment I laid eyes on him. After years of pining, I finally worked up the courage to go after him, hoping he’d realize it, too. But he didn’t. I left our small town behind, along with a piece of my heart. Five years later, I’m forced to return. Zax wants to pick up where we left off, but I still don’t know if he’s ready for a commitment.

I also have a secret; the reason I came back.

What will happen when my past collides with my present?

NvN 2019 ebook.jpg
Nice vs Naughty (Christmas Short Stories)


Sydney returns to her hometown after 10 years, running into the man she left behind. Will she and Jake get a second chance at love or did she break his heart beyond repair?
**NO explicit sex, language, or violence.**

JINXED (Naughty)
When biker Jinx picks up a man in a bar, their one-night stand turns into much more. Is Malcolm the man to make her say goodbye to the single life she loves so much?
**Short and dirty. Contains (A LOT of) explicit sex and language.**

Nice vs Naughty includes 2 Christmas short stories, and is approximately 25,000 words. Under The Mistletoe was previously published on its own, but now includes an epilogue.

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