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In The Dark: An Office Romance Novella



Rick McAllister is the love of my life.

If only he knew I existed.

I’d love to say that’s the extent of my issues, but he’s also my boss; the CEO of the company who has a strict policy of not dating employees. I have a similar code about dating people I work with. There’s no way I’ll jeopardize my career with an office romance, even for Rick.

Or is there?

Sparks fly when we finally cross paths. Discretion is the key to protecting our reputations, but we slipped up.

Someone knows.

Can we keep our relationship in the dark or will this stranger destroy it before it even has a chance to breathe?




I have rules for a reason.

Sleeping with my employees is off the table. That is, until I meet the sexy assistant from a few floors down. One chance encounter with Kelly Black and I’m ready to throw that rule out the window.

However, she doesn’t want to be seen as the woman who slept her way up the corporate ladder.

We must live in the shadows, but will that be enough?

She excites me in a way nothing, and no one has before. The world needs to know she’s mine. She’s the one who wants to keep us in the dark but I can’t hide her anymore.

Will our secret come to light before I can salvage her reputation?


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