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For My Baby Doll

Mrs. Hunter,

You know how I am with words and feelings, but I’m going to try. For you.

Because I’d do anything for you.

It’s been almost two years since you came to my clubhouse and made me do something highly uncharacteristic – chase after a woman. There was just something about you that made it impossible to allow you to walk away from me.

Your ass. It was your ass.

I wanted to fuck you, and after that kiss, I knew I needed to. It didn’t matter what your mouth was saying because your body was screaming out for me. You know you wanted me. Don’t try to deny it.

But seriously, I knew you were it for me because you saw me… the real me. You soothed the raging beast inside me, but accepted that he was part of the package. You never asked me to change. You love me. All of me. I’ll never understand why, but there’s no way I’m letting you go, doll. How would I live without my heart?

Make no mistake, Raven, that’s what you are. My heart. My life. My world.

I thought I had it all, and then I met you and realized I didn’t have shit. The day you told me you were pregnant? I didn’t know that kind of happiness existed. You’re everything I could want in a woman and more. I’ll always try to be the kind of man you deserve.

I love you, baby doll.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Your husband (forever. Got it?),


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